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Regulation 1781 and FATF Recommendation
16. Future updates to the ESSP may include
support of instant payments.
ENOC projects
Johan Petersson and Nikolay Popov from
ENOC presented the ongoing projects at the
Service Desk. They demonstrated the “do’s
and don’ts” in migration to a new server.
Block chain
The participants also enjoyed the 2 presenta-
tions on blockchain seen from different angles.
Stojan Ganchev (Seavus Group) explained
the technology, describing the distributed ledg-
er structure and consensus process and how
transactions are shared between distributed
computers on a network. The ledger is not
owned or controlled by one central authority
or company.
Dr. Pavel Kravchenko (Distributed Lab) gave
a presentation with references to the usage
in Bitcoin. In his view the technology could be
used in the financial market with the following
benefits for banks:
1. Higher security level of ledger / processing
2. Efficient solution for backups
3. Secure and fast reconciliation between
Networking is an important part of the TUG.
The first day ended with a guided tour in
Malmö followed by a dinner. The engaged
talks were continued the next day among
participants, service desk staff, software
developers and Eurogiro.
Uwe Holmsgaard
Uwe Holmsgaard, Eurogiro’s IT Director for
more than 22 years, retired at the end of June
2017. Under his management, the Eurogiro
system has become a frontrunner in several
new developments, for instance in bulking of
transactions, exchanging payments via the
internet and handling single point of settle-
ment. Uwe Holmsgaard made it his trademark
to find simple, cost-efficient and flexible solu-
tions to any system related issue.
Eurogiro thanks Uwe cordially for his innumer-
able contributions to Eurogiro and wishes him
well in his retirement.
Important steps in migration:
Notify ENOC in advance
• Stop old server and keep it shut
• Use a privileged accoun
• Follow procedures and do not
make shortcuts
Rob Labordus will take care
of Eurogiro IT as Executive
Advisor to Eurogiro.
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