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OmniPay, Inc., is a Non-Bank Financial
Institution (NBFI) and Electronic Money Issuer
(EMI), supervised by the Bangko Sentral ng
Pilipinas (Central Bank of the Philippines).
We are a principal member and licensee
of UnionPay, JCB, Discover, Diners Club
International and BancNet. With the Eurogiro
partnership, OmniPay proposes to support the
Eurogiro community on its mission to launch
different innovations to enhance our custom-
ers’ experience.
Our notable key products and services offered
include prepaid card solutions, acquiring and
payments processing, cash-in and cash-out,
remittance services and other payment solu-
tions just to name a few. OmniPay specialises
in leveraging technology to bank the un-
banked in a sustainable manner to accelerate
nation-building through inclusive growth. We
deploy innovative business models backed by
customised technology to make financial and
non-financial transactions more secure, effi-
cient and seamless. The technology deployed
goes beyond cards and includes QR code
payments and virtual cards on mobiles.
OmniPay launched the first government ID
Card in the Philippines with the City of Bacoor.
This is the “Special Bacoor Resident” ID Card,
highlighting both features of an ID and Pay-
ment Card System (P2G/P2B/G2P). Further-
more, in a cooperation with Philippine Airlines,
OmniPay developed the first multi-currency
Prepaid Card in the Philippines with the Philip-
pine Airlines Mabuhay Miles Travel Card.
OmniPay expects to be connected live to
Eurogiro by 2
half of 2017.
Anna Liza Eugenio-Alincastre, Executive Vice
President and Chief Operating Officer
Through this alliance, Wari opens up one of the fastest growing markets to Eurogiro members
Founded in 2008, Wari is a digital platform for
financial and non-financial services created
in Senegal, with the ambition of providing
financial inclusion to populations.
Wari offers services with high social value
added to consumers, companies, financial
institutions and merchants. Wari has now
reached over 212 million users in sixty (60)
countries and generates $6 billion of annual
flows. The platform provides a wide range
of products and services (water and electric-
ity bill payments, TV subscription, airtime,
remittance, insurance, etc.) and accepts all
payment means (cash, bank accounts, vouch-
ers, cards, etc.)
Wari is a major player at the forefront of the
African continent’s economic transformation.
With 40 African countries connected to the
platform, Wari represents the largest network
on the continent and a leader in the Western
African market.
This partnership represents significant
business opportunities both for Wari and
Eurogiro’s members. Joining Eurogiro’s global
community will enable Wari’s customers to
access a worldwide network of more than
500,000 branches and over 4 billion users in
more than 50 countries.
This collaboration reinforces Wari’s ambition
to provide convenience and connectivity to all
its users.
Awa DIA, Chief Communication
Officer at Wari
OmniPay connects Eurogiro to the
regional card-infrastructure
Wari joins Eurogiro
a. Customised Issuing Solutions
b. Payment Acquiring
c. Cash-in and Cash-out
d. Remittance Services
e. QR Code Payments and Virtual
card on mobile
a. Combination of Identification &
Prepaid Card Citizen Cards
b. Dual Wallet and Financial assistance trafficking
c. Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT)
on Prepaid Card System
d. Remittance on Paired with Prepaid
Card System
e. Multi-currency wallet
a. Private (Philippine Airlines)
b. Government (City of Bacoor)
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