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The first part of the meeting concentrated on
specific Eurogiro issues.
ELS / ESM version 5
Ms Nemanja Guzina from Seavus presented
their thoughts for the next generation of the
Eurogiro applications. In the current version
we have focused on code re-factoring. The
upcoming version is developed based on ide-
as from the Domain Driven Design (DDD) with
a Micro-service oriented architecture.
Seavus has good experience with the soft-
ware controlling the ECI © (Eurogiro Cash
International). This software was developed
using technologies such as “Spring Boot”,
“JPA” and “Apache Camel” and Seavus will
use these technologies for the next version
to heavily reduce the number of code-lines
and make a more stable application. This will
make it easier to implement new functions
and features.
In the Micro Service Architecture, components
are completely decoupled. This improves fault
isolation as larger applications can remain
largely unaffected by the failure of a single
An important element is implementation of a
new communication protocol for the inter ELS
communication. This opens for API’s where
members can send the payment instructions
in their preferred format and the ELS/ESM will
construct the relevant MT / MX message.
Support of API’s will allow
for any format of payment
Security update
Marián Illovský (Postova Banka, Slovakia),
member of the Eurogiro Security Group,
presented the results of the 2016 Self-As-
sessment. The overall rating was “Good”.
Marián Illovský also gave a short presentation
of the new security initiative by SWIFT – The
Customer Security Program, where members
must self-attest before the end of 2017. Euro-
giro has been doing this since the beginning!
The Eurogiro Security Group will audit the
Eurogiro set-up in relation to the CSP.
Armin Gerhardt (ABK Systeme, Frankfurt)
gave a presentation about cyber-crime and
the background for the SWIFT CSP pro-
gramme. He underlined that is was important
to note that physical security does not solve
the problem. Security must be ranked before
ESSP Update
Jutta Rosar from Deutsche Postbank gave
a status update on the ESSP service. The
sanctions screening had revealed only a few
messages needing additional attention before
the settlement could be completed.
Jutta Rosar highlighted the importance of
using the “F” option in field 50 and 59. It will
be mandatory to use this structured version
from 2020!
The unstructured use of field
50 and 59 will be terminated in
2020. Use the “F” option.
In 2015 the ESSP was updated to comply with
the enhanced requirements stipulated in EU
Technical User Group meeting 2017 in Malmö
The focus of the meeting was on the further development of the Eurogiro application and services. We were
proud to have presentations from external speakers with a focus on blockchain.
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ELS / ESM updates:
• Embedded Tomcat (optional)
• Domain Driven Design (DDD)
• Modernized communication
• Reloadable settings
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