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Up until now, banks and post offices have
been a major channel to support international
money transfers and are a trusted method
of sending money to and from emerging
markets. However, there are a further 2
billion people in developing nations who are
unaccounted for, particularly those who have
inadequate access to financial services.
Many individuals struggle to reach physical
branches due to vast geographical obstacles
or suffer from the risk of carrying cash.
Through its global Network, TransferTo aims
to collaborate with fellow Eurogiro members
to target those individuals who would other-
wise be unable to access traditional financial
services, often in remote areas with limited
brick-and-mortar bank branches. Mobile
phone penetration is growing exponentially in
emerging markets, offering a viable method to
deliver safe and secure transfers, or receive
salaries and disbursements from organisa-
tions directly to a mobile wallet. Through add-
ing digital financial services to their portfolios,
Eurogiro members benefit from connecting
to our extensive network of payment partners
and enable the under-banked to drive finan-
cial inclusion in emerging markets.
TransferTo has created a proprietary world-
class payments Network in order to achieve
this goal in the context of cross-border money
transfers and payments. TransferTo’s solution
provides real-time and fully compliant money
transfers. The technology is scalable and
boasts a simple, single technical interface,
operational process and settlement procedure
meaning our partners have a sole commercial
relationship with transparent FX and fees,
eliminating all hidden costs.
TransferTo connects Eurogiro members
to its Mobile Payments Network
TransferTo is a B2B Cross-Border Mobile Payments Network for emerging markets. The company processes
real-time transactions for money transfer operators, mobile operators, digital wallet providers, banks, NGOs
and merchants. Through a network which spans more than 135 countries, TransferTo provides its partners
with a global compliance framework for all relevant regulatory requirements.
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