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was set up to force banks to enable access
to accounts to licensed 3
Organisations as diverse as IAMTN, BillPro
and Montran spoke specifically to posts in
the audience to invite them to rethink their
sourcing and collaboration strategies and take
advantage of the many advanced technical
solutions on offer today. Posts could gain from
collaborating on most levels, listing examples
such as replacing payment platforms, taking
advantage of multi-currency settlement to
providing multi-channel access for clients. On
their side, wish-lists of the attending fintechs
included partnerships with Posts because of
the Posts’ unique client base, their branch
outlets and the highly trusted postal brand.
Dr. Susann von Gunten, on behalf of the
Eurogiro single settlement provider for euro,
Deutsche Postbank, praised their users for
the professional and timely implementation
of the recent major system update. Mr André
Blum, chairman of Eurogiro’s Compliance
Audit Group gave advice on best practice for
partner Due Diligence.
Re-kindling existing relations and forging new
ones remains a top priority of the Eurogiro
Community meeting. The 2017 conference
was very well appreciated for its networking
opportunities and the discussions were lively
from the early start into the social events in
the evenings. By putting a face to the name,
it becomes much easier to strike a deal and
make it a success.
Annelise Lysdal
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