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TransferTo provides the missing interna-
tional payment link to connect financially
under-served users in emerging markets to
Eurogiro members and the global economy.
2017 member conference in Belgrade
Ms Jasminka Bosnjak, Manager of Interna-
tional & Domestic Payments Department at
the Postal Savings Bank of Serbia warmly
welcomed the Eurogiro partners as co-hosts
at the meeting. Ms Bosnjak presented their
current payment strategy and reported that,
unlike most European banks, the Postal
Saving Bank was expanding its number of
branches in the coming years. The Post-
al Savings Bank had grown its business
significantly and been a very active member
in several Eurogiro working groups over the
It was a proud Eurogiro CEO who this year
welcomed four new members to the commu-
nity. These four members supplemented the
traditional banking and postal members of
Eurogiro and established a new approach
of Eurogiro to assist members in creating
stability in a period of great change. Eurogiro
wants to facilitate members’ connectivity to
a variety of payment ecosystems. The four
new members all contributed to the fulfillment
of the strategic objectives of Eurogiro, being
the ability to offer its members connectivity to
mobile networks and to card infrastructures,
an opportunity to extend the reach to Sub-Sa-
haran Africa and to provide members with ac-
cess to multiple channel, high-tech solutions.
Collaborate and embrace change
‘Change would be inevitable’ was repeatedly
mentioned by several speakers, and many
cited collaboration as a way to cope and to
secure stable and high quality services to cli-
ents. Banks were collaborating between them-
selves and they have invested greatly into
collaborative projects with fintechs. In Europe
the new Payment Service Directive, PSD2,
Eurogiro’s annual Conference and Community meeting investigated opportunities for creating stability
during change. Speakers came from a very diverse range of organisations and several had a keen eye for the
opportunities through collaborating with Posts.
New members since 2016
TransferTo – connects to B2B
mobile network
Wari – Connects to 35 African
OmniPay – connects to card
platform in the Asia Pacific
Rewire – connects clients via any
channel to digital banking engine
In a snapshot: TransferTo
• B2B Cross-Border Mobile Payments Network since 2005: International Money
Transfers, International Mobile Airtime & incentives and Merchant Payments.
• Partnered with over 1000 leading money transfer operators, mobile operators,
digital wallet providers, banks, financial institutions, NGOs and merchants.
• Payment aggregation on a global scale: present in 135 countries, handling 100
currencies, and completed in excess of 300 million transactions since 2005.
• Implementing real-time transactions with transparent FX & fees, and scalability
through a single commercial relationship.
• Member of Eurogiro since 2016.
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