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“After all, pure blockchain
theory says that not only will
individual business divisions
of traditional banks become
redundant in future, but there
could also be a real paradigm
shift in the prevailing financial
system, because many inter-
mediary services could be
replaced by a P2P network.”
Dapp & Karoluss, Deutsche
Bank 28 July 2015
BDO Unibank now ready to serve Philippine market
The FreeIPA is an Open Source project
sponsored by Red Hat. It resembles “Active
Directory” known from Windows and works
with Linux, Unix, webapp and OTP tokens.
At the last site audit the Eurogiro Security
Group recommended the implementation of
a syslog server to which the staff at ENOC
should have no access. The server is based
on the Open Source “rsyslog”.
The server collects data from all the servers
and devices at ENOC. A dedicated team
checks the daily reports. Scripts have been
developed to report special events and to filter
the information.
The participants were urged
to pay special attention to the
recent “Bank heists” and to
check for vulnerabilities in their
IT environment.
From today Eurogiro members have one more
competitive option to accept transactions from
clients who are sending remittances to the
BDO Unibank’s membership with Eurogiro
complements the bank’s goal of continuously
reaching out to Filipinos worldwide in order to
make remittances back home fast, safe and
BDO Unibank, the Philippines’ largest bank,
has been the “Top Commercial Bank that
Generated the Largest Overseas Filipino Re-
mittances” for six years – with the most recent
awards received from 2013 to 2015.
The participants also enjoyed the following
Marian Illovsky (Postova Banka, Slovakia),
member of the Eurogiro Security Group,
presented the results of the 2015 Self As-
sessment. The overall rating is “Good”.
Gateway Functionality updates by Gavrilo
Belacevic (Seavus).
Igor Janevski (Seavus) gave presenta-
tions on Microservices and on Distributed
Urs Fischer (Fischer IT GRC) gave an
update on Cyber Security Threads with a
focus on the recent “Bank heist”.
Nikolay Popov gave a live demo of the tools and services.
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Eurogiro is a global payments community. We
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