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Michel Stuijt, Eurogiro CEO (right), introduces the host speaker from
CSOB, Eurogiro member in Czech Republic, Mr Libor Svoboda.
AppNexus internal work credo:
1 Create culture that fosters rapid
experiment: ‘Open space = people
interact = ideas = innovation!’
2 Approachable Executives. Sit among
3 Eat together
4 Formulate ideas in the open. Use
white boards (e.g. LEAN)
5 Accept failure and move on. Make
young people heard.
accounts. Also, digital giants such as Amazon,
Google or PayPal were successful at disrupting
payment classic streams. Finally, the emerging
Internet of Things might generate payments
that were initiated and executed in new ways.
Banks could easily believe themselves to
be trapped. However, banks had access to
efficient, large-scale payment rails. They had
developing power in terms of funding and
broad market knowledge. And they usually had
the loyalty of customers.
Konrad Olszaniecki, Western Union, spoke
about their strategy to maintain leadership
in retail money transfer and to become a
leader in cross-border cross-currency money
movement. This entailed expanding access to
accounts, next to the traditional cash service.
It also meant operating a flexible, multi-chan-
nel set-up for the benefit of businesses and
consumers alike. WU would introduce multiple
WU brands, co-brands and run white-label
services. Also, WU were entering into new
types of partnerships, among which were new
technology providers.
Amichai Lichtenstein, Tipalti AppNexus, voiced
their view on how to cope with the rapid pace
of change. AppNexus, an Ad-tech market
leader from the US, was set to take advantage
from disruptive technologies. They intended
to help their financial clients to do so as well.
Their focus was two-fold: on digitally enabled
services and on ensuring ongoing in-house
innovation. Big Data and instant analysis pro-
mised opportunities.
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