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On April 12, 2016, in Hanoi, Southeast Asia
Bank (SeABank) and Eurogiro celebrated the
Signing Ceremony which marked the bank’s
official membership of the Eurogiro commu-
SeABank will use the membership to expand
its payment and remittance services, and
diversify services for customers. Eurogiro’s
reach to banks and posts in more than
50 countries around the world enables a
significant increase of the banks international
In partnership with Vietnam Post, SeABank
takes national collaboration to a new level.
The two organisations have set up a co-oper-
ation model that will expand the network and
enhance the capacity in Vietnam, creating a
range of remittance services. Other Eurogiro
members will find that signing with either of
the two Vietnamese organisations, will ease
access to the services of the other organisa-
tion. Such close partnership between national
members is quite unique amongst Eurogiro
How does it work?
The cooperation agreement between SeA-
Bank and Vietnam Post enables Eurogiro
members from other countries to send and
receive cash payments as well as credits into
accounts through one three party agreement,
SeABank – new member
in Vietnam
SeABank, as new member of Eurogiro in Vietnam, will open up a new
channel for remittances into Vietnam. Account holders all across the
country will be reachable and will get access to remittance services.
SeABank is building on its partnership with Vietnam Post, which is
already a Eurogiro member and is a specialist in cash payments
Mr Dang Bao Khanh, CEO of SeABank, with his team, and Mr Michel Stuijt, Eurogiro
CEO, at the signing ceremony in Hanoi on 12
April 2016.
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