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Lessons learned:
• Information on banking holidays
must be provided
• Contact persons up to date
• Importance of timely answers to
• Exception handling procedures
• Handling of request for charges
Our CEO – Michel Stuijt – gave an update
of the ongoing strategy work. Eurogiro has a
strong community with growing membership.
We will embrace changes in the industry value
chain and continuously expand the business
opportunities for all members by developing
and offering new services and by connecting
more members and partners to the Eurogiro
Settlement Service Changes
Last year Deutsche Postbank made a major
update to the EUR settlement service (ESSP).
The update was dictated by the requirements
(EU Regulation 1781 and FATF Recommen-
dation 16) to include the underlying payment
details of settlement instructions for ATF and
AML processing.
Stephan Hagen from Deutsche Postbank
gave a presentation on the “Mission ac-
complished” migration. In order to ensure
a smooth migration, to mitigate risks and to
circumvent the potential impacts of a big bang
migration, Postbank decided to launch the
re-designed service in a phased approach
where we, each week, migrated a group of
members. This approach enabled Postbank
and Eurogiro to assist the ESSP members in
a hand-held customer approach.
Payments set-up
Yoram Maimon, the CEO of Israel Postal
Bank, gave us an insight into the business
and the IT infrastructure to handle Eurogiro
transactions. The bank is fully integrated with
the Israel Post and is one of the leading play-
ers in the Israeli payment System.
New Architecture
Over the last 3 years the software developers
have re-factored the code for the Eurogiro
applications. Common modules have been
developed, new technologies introduced and
a complete redesign of the User Interface has
been implemented.
Nemanja Guzina from Seavus showed how
the code is to be improved by the use of
technologies such as “Spring boot”, “JPA” and
“Apache Camel”.
Code of internal application
reduced from 287.000 lines to
10.600 lines!
Using these technologies, the number of actu-
al coded lines can be heavily reduced – easily
by a factor 25.
This will lead to applications that:
are more stable
have less errors
are easy to maintain
faster to add new features to
have higher degree of flexibility
The ELS and ESM applications will be updat-
ed during 2017.
ENOC project update
Johan Petersson and Nikolay Popov from
ENOC presented the ongoing projects at the
Service Desk.
Technical User Group meeting 2016 in Madrid
The focus of the meeting was on the further development of the Eurogiro application and services. We were
proud to have presentations from our members with information on how they handle the financial services,
as well as external speakers with focus on new technologies and security.
As in previous years, we held an open forum on day 2 where the participants could
exchange experience and seek knowledge with our Service Desk (ENOC), the software
developers (Seavus - above) and other participants.
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ENOC projects:
• Identity management - FreeIPA
• Central syslog server – rsyslog
• Eurogiro DNS for members
• Monthly reporting
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