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Focus on Cash payments
The October 2015 test focused on Eurogiro
Cash payments. These are handled in all
regions of the world and the test spanned
participants from small postal organisations in
the Baltic area to some of the world’s leading
banks. This year, the test sparked rapid
identification and resolution of a quality issue
relating to manual handling on the receiving
party. A formatting error was discovered in a
sending IT system and was documented by
several receiving parties and the sender was
able to fix the error within days after receiving
the documentation. Without testing, such a
situation may have continued undetected for
a long time.
In February 2016, Eurogiro will undertake
the next test, this time focusing on credit
October 2015 Quality Test
– Cash payments
98% STR (& stable over 5 years)
98% timely notifications to beneficiaries
Detailed explanations of non-STR
Participants represent 99% of all sent
cash payments
How testing can
reduce costs
One Eurogiro member was made aware that its messaging system
distributed data incorrectly in the cash payment messages and reacted
promptly to fix the system. This will immediately reduce the handling costs
at the receivers and will add to an excellent cooperation between partners.
Elements contributing to the success of the October Cash test were:
Two members taking the trouble to meticulously document how
wrongly placed data in incoming messages causes manual inter-
Prompt sharing of the data with sending member
The sending member to pick up the information and fix the errors
• The orchestration of the detective work to pick out, aggregate and
share the same type of relevant data
It takes a partnership of people dedicated to resolve issues and share
information to do this. Eurogiro has a longstanding tradition of working in
this way.
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