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In Asia, the market is still growing stronger
than in Europe and Vietnam is one of 10
countries which has the highest volume of
remittances worldwide. These are reasons
why Agribank represents a great potential and
strategic market for international payments
and remittance services.
Today, Agribank is formally certified to conduct
international payments and remittance servi-
ces through Eurogiro, both for credits and
cash pay-outs.
Agribank’s first corridor in Eurogiro will be
to the Philippines with Lank Bank of The
With its strong resources and great influence
on the Vietnamese remittance market, Agri-
bank is expected to be a strategic member in
Asia, greatly complementing the current reach
in the region for Eurogiro.
Contact: Ms Pham Thi Thanh Ngoc, Deputy
Manager of Research and Development
Dept., Agribank Money Express
Eurogiro Connectivity
New Eurogiro members must pass a connectivity test to
activate their connection to the Eurogiro network.
This is done to ensure standardised message exchange
according to the Service Level Agreements. It reduces the
costs of receiving partners and efficiently brings new mem-
bers up to speed.
Access to central testing facility
Certification of selected messages (Credits, Cash etc.)
Well defined test cases
Exceptions & investigations
The Eurogiro Network Operational Centre (ENOC) is a
driving force in the certification and continues to be a key
partner in the daily operations.
The Connectivity Certificate is part of the MultiLateral Frame-
work for new members, along with single point of settlement
(ESSP) and SLAs.
Hanoi, 15 December 2015, the technical team at Agribank with the Con-
nectivity Certificate. Much of the practical work to achieve the certificate
was undertaken by this team. As a result, Agribank is ready to open
corridors to partner countries with hardly any testing. From the left,
Mr Nguyen Quoc Hung, Director of Agribank Money Express, Mr Uwe
Holmsgaard, Eurogiro IT Director, Mr Doan Huu Tung, Deputy Manager of
E-banking and Mr Nguyen Thanh Tuan, IT expert.
Hanoi, 14 December 2015, Ms Le Thi
Thanh Hang, Deputy General Director of
Agribank (centre) with her team and the
Eurogiro delegation, headed by Mr Michel
Stuijt, Eurogiro CEO, (5
from the left) at
the ceremony held to present the Connec-
tivity Certificate to the Eurogiro network.
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