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The European payments market has
changed immensely since CTT joined
Eurogiro. How do you see the role and
opportunities of CTT in the European
payments market today?
The European payment landscape is evolving
very quickly, driven by the willingness of
the European Commission to eliminate the
barriers to cross-border transactions inside the
European Union, with even more focus on the
The role of a company like CTT, with its two
core networks – distribution and retail – is the
fulfillment of the digital economy in all its areas:
e-commerce parcels delivery, physical support
to the digital economy in our post offices and
participating in all forms of payments solutions
to support seamless transactions and a strong
customer experience. The payments market
is changing – this change is driven somewhat
by new technologies but mainly by changing
consumer habits and trends, which means that
we will need to adapt ourselves.
Eurogiro connects a variety of financial
institutions; among these many postbanks
and posts like CTT. What do you see as
the most important benefits for postal
organisations of Eurogiro membership?
Eurogiro connects several institutions that
want to have a relevant role in the payments
industry, mainly regarding cross-border trans-
actions and remittances, from postal
operators to banks. The affiliation to this
network is a competitive advantage to each
member since it gives them more reach
(opportunity to connect easily to various world
economies) compared with that of their local
The Portuguese voice in Eurogiro
–their focus and expectations
Mr André Manuel Pereira Gorjão de Andrade Costa, CTT Portuguese
Post has been a Eurogiro Board member since 2013, but his
organisation has been with Eurogiro since 1997. CTT is one of the
classical European Postal organisations servicing the public with
cash face-to-face payments business and having a long tradition of
postal cooperation. In this interview André Gorjão Costa shares his
personal views on the payments market, the opportunities of Posts
and why CTT collaborates within Eurogiro.
André Gorjão Costa is Chief Financial
Officer of the CTT. In this interview,
André Gorjão Costa shares his per-
sonal views on the payments market,
the opportunities of Posts and why
CTT collaborates within Eurogiro.
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