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In an age when speed, reliability, conveni-
ence, and trust mean everything, the compa-
ny is increasing the number of ways to receive
funds into its system, and building its payout
network to enable it to move more funds out.
Western Unions believes that digital initiated
money transfer remains a high growth area,
and expects it to be the major driver of overall
market growth over the coming years.
To this end, the company – together with its
agents and business partners – must continue
to roll out new capabilities, especially in
mobile and in sends to accounts, and further
develop and expand its transactional sites in
international markets.
Marie-Elise Droga, Regional Vice-President,
Western Europe, Syria & Lebanon, Western
Since the beginning of Eurogiro, members
have used their neutral entity, the Eurogiro
company, to hold regular, sample based
tests of members’ performance. This work
provides the backbone of the on-going
work to improve quality and performance
within member organisations and has
helped to improve cost efficiency, as well
service levels towards clients. All Eurogiro
members active with a specific product are
called to participate.
The tests measure the operational Straight
Through Rates of transactions which has
enormous impact on the processing cost
for the receiving members. A structured
process yielding detailed data on causes
of non-STR is a pre-requisite to eliminate
these and test participants go to great
lengths to provide such data. The other
main leg of the test has been to measure
how receiving members comply with the
service obligations according to Service
Level Agreements. This test demonstrates
to what degree the sending member,
which sells the service to its clients, can
rely on the quality of its receiving partner.
Of course, complaints and queries from
clients provide similar data, but these tests
ensure that issues are demonstrated at an
early stage and in a structured manner, be-
fore problems turn into issues with clients.
Automate and reduce burdens
In 2015, Eurogiro decided to review the
test methods to automate the procedures
and reduce the work burden on partici-
pants, as well as within Eurogiro. Eurogiro
members voiced their views and prefe-
rences in a survey conducted in Novem-
ber 2014 and a group of specialists from
selected member organisations helped
Eurogiro design the new test methods
based on the input from members.
The first test using the new methods was
carried out in October 2015. The STR test
was kept as it was, whilst the Timeframe
test, which tested timeliness of transac-
tions towards clients, was simplified. The
test now focuses on timely notifications
sent to beneficiaries. Eurogiro now picks
out the test transactions from production
data and participants are only required
to act as receivers. Also, the new test no
longer includes testing of the quality of ex-
ception handling. This test was becoming
less important as the number of queries
was rapidly decreasing, which is of course
an overall sign of improved quality.
Marie-Elise Droga
New quality test method
proves successful
In October 2015, Eurogiro ran its first quality test after thorough
modernisation of the test method. Core tests remained
comparable to earlier tests. And again, this year, the test results
were very positive.
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It takes a partnership of
people dedicated to resolve
Eurogiro decided to review
the test methods to auto-
mate the procedures and
reduce the work burden
on participants, as well as
within Eurogiro
Eurogiro member meeting
10-12 May 2016 will be in Prague
co-hosted by CSOB
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