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After a signing ceremony in Hanoi in February
2015, and participation in the Eurogiro mem-
ber meeting in Ho Chi Minh City in May 2015,
Agribank has now achieved the Eurogiro Con-
nectivity Certificate and is ready to exchange
As the largest bank in the Vietnamese
banking system, the one with most human
resources, and with the largest number of
customers in need of remittance services,
Agribank wishes to expand its remittance ser-
vice globally to countries which have a large
number of Vietnamese people who are living
and working in those countries. Simultaneous-
ly, Agribank is looking to provide foreigners
living in Vietnam with the most convenient and
trustworthy service to transfer money to their
Agribank - A Newcomer in the
Eurogiro Community
Agribank is the most recent member of Eurogiro and the first bank in Vietnam to join
the global payments community. Agribank will focus on remittances both into and
out of Vietnam, which is one amongst the top-10 remittance countries in the world.
Agribank has a large account base and access to most accounts in Vietnam.
As one of the new members of the Eu-
rogiro community, Agribank has several
salient features:
Leadership position:
Agribank is also known
as the Vietnam Bank for Agricultural and Rural
Development. It is the top ranking Commercial
State Bank in Vietnam, and plays a major role
in investment and development in agriculture,
farming and rural areas, and it contributes
heavily to Vietnam’s economic and social de-
velopment. In figures, Agribank’s total assets
are up to 37 billion USD with around 30 billion
USD of business loans and approximately 1.8
billion USD of legal capital.
Operating network:
Agribank operates the
largest bank network in Vietnam with over
2,300 branches and transaction offices nation-
wide, with coverage across both urban and
rural areas, thereby creating favourable con-
ditions for customers to receive remittances
sent from other countries. Agribank is also the
trusted partner of over 30,000 businesses, 10
million households and thousands of domestic
partners, as well as foreign partners. Since
2006, Agribank has established an agent
relationship with over 1000 banks in nearly all
countries and territories. This number is set to
increase after joining Eurogiro network.
Human resources:
Agribank has over 40,000
employees throughout the system dedicated
to meet the demands of competitiveness and
global integration. More than 5,000 staff with
advanced qualifications in overseas remit-
tance services are ready to serve customers
and offer the highest quality.
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