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Although Eurogiro has its roots in Europe,
we have focused for many years on creat-
ing a global presence and having NBC as
a member in 2002 was a significant contri-
bution towards this goal. NBC was among
the first members from outside Europe,
and indeed from Canada, and has a strong
profile as a global payment provider. How
has Eurogiro membership impacted on the
development of business at NBC?
Serving our domestic customers with innova-
tive and unique international payment solutions
is an important product differentiator that has
allowed us to stand out among our competi-
tors. We also see significant changes on the
horizon with new and disruptive competitors
and technology rolling into the marketplace and
the capabilities and reach of the Eurogiro net-
work will help to defend our existing business.
While I believe there has been a major positive
impact, I also see great opportunity to further
embrace the global linkages.
You represent an organization that has
deep roots in a society with many migrant
workers and NBC has a strong position
with these clients. What insights can you
share on best practice in servicing these
clients as a global payment provider?
To be frank, this segment of the market has
been underserved by the Canadian banking
industry in general and the Eurogiro network
is an excellent platform that can overcome
this deficiency. While the migrant worker mar-
ket does present a good business niche, what
really interests us is the related market for
new immigrants. Canada’s growth and vitality
are a direct result of our ability to attract the
brightest and the best and is the secret of our
economic success. Coincidentally, new Ca-
nadians also make great new clients that end
up using many of our products and services.
What starts as a few payments home can turn
into a robust and long term client relationship.
NBC now represented on Eurogiro Board
Mr Jonathan Elkins, Deputy Vice President, International Relations and Correspondent Banking of National
Bank of Canada, is the new voice from North America on the Eurogiro Board. Jonathan Elkins has impressive
experience in all aspects of international and domestic banking and is currently managing and developing
NBC’s international operations.
In this interview Mr Jonathan Elkins expresses his views on the aspirations and challenges of Eurogiro.
With Mr Jonathan Elkins in the Eurogi-
ro Board of Directors, Eurogiro will
have a distinct voice advocating for
client focus and responding to clients
growing use of mobile technologies.
Mr Jonathan Elkins is Deputy Vice
President of International Relations
and Correspondent Banking, Global
Banking Services and International of
National Bank of Canada. He is based
in Montreal, Canada.
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