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What are your aspirations for your
The election of a new Eurogiro chairman
could be an opportunity to further push
towards innovation and to drive the com-
munity to explore more innovative business
and services. The main aspirations for my
chairmanship are:
extension of global network with the
interconnection between postal organi-
sations, banks and payment providers
improvement of the quality of current
services and integration with innovative
evolution of money transfer instruments
(card/mobile product and services).
Walter Pinci, newly elected Chairman of the
Eurogiro Board of Directors
Mr Walter Pinci joined the Eurogiro Board in 2012 and has now been elected chairman of the Board. In this
interview Mr Pinci, Head of Payments Services in BancoPosta of Poste Italiane, expresses his views on the
aspirations and challenges of Eurogiro.
your global payments community August 2014 - Issue 02
Eurogiro signs deal to
offer ground-breaking
payments to China
Eurogiro community
meeting 2014 –
connections across
‘Eurogiro is on track’
members say in survey
Technical User
Group meeting 2014
in Belgrade
Where do you see the most important
challenges and opportunities for Euro-
giro in the coming years?
The payments industry is evolving rapid-
ly and Eurogiro members have to adapt
quickly to the changes within this sector.
The Eurogiro community must keep pace
with this rapidly growing market and should
exploit its global network and the connec-
tion between postal organisations and
banks in order to expand the offering of
payment services within other countries
and should look to involve new targets of
payment users.
Eurogiro connects a variety of financial
institutions, amongst these are many
posts and postbanks. What are the most
important benefits for postal organisa-
tions in the Eurogiro membership?
Eurogiro members can take advantage of
the interconnection between postal organi-
sations, banks and payment providers with
similar interests in order to keep pace and
Eurogiro News
Eurogiro thanks Ms Sylvie Solignac, La
Banque Postale France, Chairman of Euro-
giro Board until July 2014, for her great
contributions to the company and the com-
munity during more than 20 years. Sylvie
Solignac has been a key driver in shaping
Eurogiro since its launch in 1993, from
May 2011 to July 2014 taking the role as
Chairman of the Board. With her as Chair,
Eurogiro expanded its presence in Asia and
opened its link to the network of UPU.
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