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Eurogiro - Your Global Payments Community

Eurogiro is a unique payments network that connects different payments "ecosystems", e.g. postal organisations, post banks, commercial banks and other payment service providers, focusing on cross border high volume - low value payments.

Eurogiro facilitates members' cooperation in the field of international payments and offers efficient solutions supporting their offering to clients. Thereby Eurogiro helps increasing the business of its members.

To learn more, contact us at [email protected] or read What Eurogiro can do for you.

Eurogiro Annual Conference and Community Meeting 2018 – this year’s theme:  ’Joining Forces’


The 2018 Eurogiro Community Meeting was held 6 – 8 June in Copenhagen, Denmark. This year, the conference aimed to shed light on the future after joining forces with INPAY.


Eurogiro’s goals were threefold: to contribute to an overview of key market trends, communicate with members on how Eurogiro could best support their endeavors to succeed and to offer the members a platform for networking and bilateral discussions.


To achieve this, the conference touched on aspects as diverse as:

  • Introducing the new owner INPAY. Their unique contribution to support Eurogiro members by offering stability and continuity and thereby providing means for growth and innovation was presented. In particular two new additional services were presented:
    • The Eurogiro Financial Supermarket : allowing Members to attract additional transactions through an innovative platform.
    • The Multilateral Framework 2.0 (or MLF 2.0) :providing the updated legal framework for Members and third party transaction-providers.
  • Investigating how the payments market (and in particular Europe) is changing and forcing financial institutions to enable access to customers’ accounts to 3rd party licensed institutions if they were to remain relevant to clients
  • Getting inside information from a Fintech expert on how blockchain, or Distributed Ledger Technology, is becoming a promising enabler of cost-cuttings in distribution of transactions, settlement and other areas
  • How Payment Service Providers and the posts might mutually benefit from collaboration. Posts might draw on the most advanced services of Fintechs. It will help them to reduce their dependence on banks and to increase the profitability of their unique customer relations. Participants were introduced to a variety of Fintechs companies and their solutions.

Furthermore, there was an update on Eurogiro Euro Settlement Service (ESSP) and the former chairman of the Eurogiro Compliance Audit Group, gave an overview of the different faces of terrorism compared to FATF recommendations. 


 Flag to host 2018


As has been the tradition in Eurogiro for many years and an appreciated token of gratitude, Eurogiro’s CEO Michel Stuijt (on the right) handed over the Eurogiro flag to the co-host of the conference, Jacob Tackmann Thomsen (on the left), Founder and CEO at INPAY. Michel Stuijt expressed his thanks to INPAY for their support and for the wonderful event on the first night of the conference. 


Mladen Perkovic, COO at Eurogiro, took the audience through the current and coming projects in IT such as statistics update, discontinuing Orange, the need for new routers and a SWIFT standards update. At the same time, Eurogiro is investigating the impact of the SWIFTgpi program. Lastly, the “UPU-Eurogiro technical bridge” was re-launched to the audience.       


Eurogiro members from more than 28 countries attended the conference.  

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