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Partners let us provide better value to our community.

They enable us to link between networks for exchange of transactions, or offer services which are outside the scope of our business.


Erste Group Bank AG

Erste Group Bank AG is the chosen provider of EUR Settlement Services (ESSP) for the Eurogiro community.
Using the EUR single point of settlement is strongly recommended to all Eurogiro customers exchanging EUR transactions on the network to ensure optimum efficiency in the processing.



Eurogiro and SWIFT have signed a co-operation agreement, which means that Eurogiro will act as administrator for a Closed User Group (CUG) for payment transactions on SWIFTNet. The CUG allows members to exchange FileAct, Interact or Browse transactions between themselves or to transmit transactions to non-SWIFT members of Eurogiro via the Eurogiro hub.
The benefit of the solution is that SWIFT members can transmit to/from Eurogiro customers using SWIFTNet, thereby saving the cost of maintaining both SWIFTNet and the Eurogiro system. Furthermore, postal customers - using the Eurogiro/ELS system - can access EG SWIFT members via the Eurogiro hub without being members of SWIFT.


Service Partners

Orange BS

Orange BS is our supplier for network services. It is essential to Eurogiro to deal with a partner that can deliver homogenious network services worldwide.



Seavus is our preferred partner for software development and maintenance since March 2013. Seavus delivers services to Eurogiro comprising delivery of centralised applications and message conversion software for interface(s) to other partners.
Seavus is a Swedish company with production in Skopje and in Belgrade. Seavus has more than 500 employees and delivers services to a wide range of organisations including finance, government, medical and telecom.


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