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In this issue of Eurogiro News, you will find in-depth articles on
• The new Board of Eurogiro;
• Inpay. Who is Inpay and how do they
see the future after joining forces with
• An immediate example of one of the
benefits of close co-operation
between Inpay and Eurogiro: the intro-
duction of the Eurogiro Supermarket;
• The future of the Eurogiro Settlement
• A report on the Eurogiro Annual
Conference, this year a combination of
the Eurogiro Community Meeting and
the Eurogiro Technical User Group,
which took place on 6-8 June 2018 in
• Introduction of new Eurogiro Member
Mongol Post;
• The activity calendar: an overview of
where to meet Eurogiro and Inpay in
the coming months.
We hope you find this issue interesting
and, as always, we welcome your feed-
back on our newsletter, e.g. comments,
suggestions, or perhaps even an article
on a topic you would like us to publish in
one of the next issues of Eurogiro News.
If so, please contact us at
Many thanks,
Michel Stuijt
Welcome! Joining forces:
Inpay acquires Eurogiro
Dear Reader,
It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the first Eurogiro News after
the acquisition of Eurogiro by licensed FinTech company Inpay A/S
The 100% acquisition of
Eurogiro took place mid-
February of this year. The main
rationale for joining forces was
that this will bring continuity,
stability, innovation and
exciting growth opportunities
to all Eurogiro members.
your global payments community
Eurogiro News
October 2018 - Issue 79
The new Chairman of the Board of Eu-
rogiro and CEO of Inpay, Jacob Tack-
mann Thomsen receives the Eurogiro
flag from Eurogiro CEO, Michel Stuijt
as a token of appreciation for hosting
the Eurogiro Annual Conference in
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