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Technical User Group meeting 2012 in Milan
The number of participants matched last
year’s all-time record. We were especially
happy to see participants from our new
Starting with a presentation of Milan as the
2nd largest city and the financial centre of
Italy, we continued by looking into the deve-
lopment of mobile apps for financial services
that have evolved since the presentations
last year. HTML5 is becoming the new
standard and the applications are now de-
veloped for the tablets as well. With tablets
it is possible to provide far greater informa-
tion and services than with “Smartphones”,
thereby bringing more value to the end-user
and ultimately also to the respective financial
Shaping Eurogiro
The headline for the workshops was “Shap-
ing Eurogiro”. This year we ran 3 workshops
in parallel sessions. The sessions were
repeated, allowing all participants to take
part in each of the workshops.
At the “XML integration” workshop we
received the unanimous feed-back “wait!”.
For the moment there is no need to further
develop the XML message service in the
Eurogiro network.
We are currently undertaking a “facelift”
of the user interface (GUI) of the ELS and
ESM applications. At the GUI workshop we
received feedback as shown in the box.
The 3rd workshop was about “Ease of ac-
cess to Eurogiro”. Good ideas were received
and will be further developed. The newly-
introduced “Connectivity Certificate” was
seen as very helpful. A positive conclusion
is “there is not much to be optimised at the
Cyber Security
Security is always a hot topic and we were
pleased to listen to a presentation by Mr
Yair Frankel from Deutsche Bank on how
the threats have evolved and what counter-
measures should be put in place.
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Since the financial institutions play an im-
portant role in the transfer of monetary value
and serve as a critical infrastructure, they
are a prime target for attackers who desire
financial gains or to impact a nation.
The attacks have evolved from “Generic,
unsophisticated attacks; where high impact
is unlikely” to “Directed, sophisticated and
combination attacks; resulting in significantly
higher risk impact.”
Impact to the security department
Cyber threat evolution. Cyber
criminals assault online/internal
systems and customer systems
Regulatory, laws and audit im-
pact the environment and set
new requirements
Policy changes trigger service
changes that require corresponding
security solutions
Business change requires IT
Security to work in tandem with the
Technology innovation introduces
risk which must then be identified
and mitigated
The heart of the financial industry’s techno-
logy is data – client data, market data,
trading algorithms, and intellectual property.
To manage the IT security threats it is
important to defend by use of early intel-
ligence to identify concerns to be mitigated,
recover quickly when an attack is success-
ful and stay healthy by actively monitoring
security controls and threats.
Big Data
Big Data is one of the most discussed
technology trends of 2012 and it was
natural to include this topic in the agenda.
You are wrong if you think that Big Data is
just a matter of processing large amounts
The annual Eurogiro meeting for IT-managers – the TUG – was this year held in Milan. The meeting
was divided into two parts: one that directly related to the services provided by Eurogiro and the
second relating to up-to-date IT topics such as mobile apps, Open Source and Big Data
The TUG is all about the members and the Community
Results from GUI workshop
Templates for recurring payments
Enhanced verification
Validation during data entry
Additional reports & statistics
Single sign on
More automation