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of data! It is more about speed and the way
you handle data. As Mr Josef Assad from
KMD A/S put it: “Big Data is not when it be-
comes awkward to work with data. It is the
systems designed and deployed when the
standard systems and technology – used
correctly – are still inadequate.” He con-
tinued: “Big Data is not guaranteed to be
consistent. Big Data systems live beyond
an edge where regular systems act
He concluded by giving the following
advice in order to prepare for Big Data:
De-couple Data Capture, Data Coherence/
Integration and Wisdom Generation. Big
Data is not an end, it is a road. Business
choices lead down this road, not IT
Bring your own device
This has an even higher score on the Hype
Cycle from Gartner. Mr Robert D. Hansen
from KMD A/S gave a presentation on
Mobile Devices and the balance between
security and ability. It has always been
a ’no go’ to bring your own IT devices to
work. The time has passed where you can
forbid the use of employees’ own devices
because of potential security risks and
problematic set-up. The push is now com-
ing from management for employees to
use their own SmartPhones and Tablets at
the office. Your company should have, or
look to develop, a policy on how employ-
ees can use their own PC’s, phones and
tablets at work.
The IT department has a challenge to
control the devices, to control the data
transferred and what happens to the data if
the device is lost. Solutions were presented
to take up the challenge to secure the use of
private devices for work.
KMD A/S delivers services to Eurogiro
comprising delivery of centralised
applications and message conversion
software for interface(s) to other part-
ners. The applications make extensive
use of Open Source
Open Source
As a follow-up on last year’s presentation
of “Open Source - Ideology or something
more useful?” we again invited Mr Josef
Assad from KMD A/S to speak about how
to get started with Open Source. “There’s
nothing magical about adopting Open
Source software. You just do it!” he said, and
continued by giving some helpful guidelines
for sensible adoption:
It’s 2011. Assume non-trivial presence
of Open Source in the organisation.
Legitimise first, strategise later.
Find a balance between just going for it
and having an overarching vision.
Differentiate between technical superiority
and vendor lock-in.
It’s about cost savings but not the way
you think.
It’s about ideology but only as mapped
to the business drivers.
Realise: code has no value. Data does.
If in-house developers get together and
begin to develop software that is specifically
designed for their needs, there will most likely
be other financial organisations with the same
need. Here is where a community can be
initiated by the developers who see a common
need and contribute thereafter. As a commu-
nity, share your system portfolios or the great-
est possible subset thereof. Start with a small
piece of code and “GitHub” it to get experience
with the procedures for choosing the license,
getting management approval and with the
publishing itself. Don’t expect improvements or
feedback from the community.
”GitHub” is a web-based hosting
service for software development
projects that use the Git revision
control system
To sum up:
Make it easy for management to say yes.
Develop your own and your organisation’s
experience level.
They are not just other institutions. They
are your peers. Share knowledge.
Create together, not individually. Software,
protocols, standards, or designs.
Eurogiro IT is looking forward to developing our
services based on the feed-back received at
the event. At next year’s event we will continue
the focus on issues related to the requirements
for IT-managers (Purchase, Business Strategy,
Craftsmanship and Innovation). We will again
invite external speakers that can enlighten us
on new IT hypes and how to deal with these in
the organisation.
Mr Robert D. Hansen demonstrating
the issues of merging tablets and
3 elements of security
Physical – block access to the
Data - secure data on the device
& SD cards
Communication – secure data
during transfer