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ANZ benefits from EUR settlement solution
ANZ is ready and welcoming of new Eurogiro partners looking to send EUR transactions
using the EUR settlement solution
The Global Forum is bringing together key
private sector partners, experts and policy-
makers as well as other stakeholders who are
driving the development of the remittances
marketplace. Since its inception in 2005, the
Global Forum has been organised by IFAD,
in collaboration with regional development
institutions, to highlight industry and regulatory
trends on a global level, whilst focusing in-
depth on a specific geographic region. To
this end, the Global Forum was organised in
conjunction with the Inter-American Develop-
ment Bank in 2005 and 2007, and with the
African Development Bank in 2009. Next
year’s Forum will showcase the dynamism
and innovation of the Asia-Pacific remittance
marketplace. The Forum will pay particular
attention to the role of postal financial services
and their potential to offer remittances and re-
lated financial services to millions of unbanked
people throughout the region. Vital to that
effort is the integration of new payments tech-
nologies, industry partnerships, and regulatory
issues. These themes, and many others, will
be discussed at the Forum, giving participants
the opportunity to share knowledge, best
practices, latest innovations and business
Since Australia and New Zealand Banking
Group Ltd (ANZ) began trading in 1835,
we’ve grown to become one of the world’s
leading financial service groups and one of
the world’s safest banks. With more than
100 years experience in delivering bank to
bank services, and a commitment to deve-
loping long term relationships with clients
around the globe, ANZ have developed a
reputation for being the banking partner of
choice in Australia, New Zealand and the
Joining Eurogiro in 2007 not only extended
ANZ’s service offering but reinforced this
partnership position - especially since we
continue to be the only Australian and New
Zealand Eurogiro bank partner. Our pay-
ment systems were initially configured to
receive Australian and New Zealand dollar
payments through the Eurogiro network.
However we’ve since activated our ESSP
connectivity and expanded our Eurogiro
capabilities to now accept and process Euro
currency bulk file payments into Australia
and New Zealand.
Whilst ANZ and Deutsche Postbank had
the option of connecting directly via SWIFT,
the Eurogiro bulk file capability provided a
mutually exclusive growth option for both
parties. As such, following the opening of
our Euro Nostro in 2011, Deutsche Post-
bank have now partnered with ANZ and
commenced using the Eurogiro bulk file
capability, directly delivering their core Euro
dominated payments to Australia and New
Zealand. Effectively, this option removed
the need for Deutsche Postbank to develop
a multi bank relationship across both coun-
tries. By also leveraging Eurogiro’s stream-
lined global implementation standards and
processes the end solution delivery was
successfully launched in late 2011.
In addition, the benefits of this partnership
extend out across the wider Eurogiro mem-
ber network. Postal organisations or Postal
offices that want to send Euro payments into
Australia and New Zealand can leverage
the partnership to gain faster and simpler
connectivity. By connecting with Deutsche
Postbank and using the bulk file format and
funding, members can forward their Euro
payments to Australia and New Zealand
using the ANZ gateway.
Moreover, our enhanced capabilities,
together with our streamlined implementa-
tion and dedicated support approach, serve
to benefit not only postal organisations in
Europe but also across Asia. ANZ have
recognised that both our Eurogiro and Asia
Council memberships and their conferences
provide us with a fantastic opportunity to
connect with Postal members across mul-
tiple corridors that have differing levels of
banking sophistication and needs. Conse-
quently, we’re excited to learn more about
our partners, demonstrate our knowledge
and share our experiences moving forward;
particularly with members in our own region,
given our super regional strategy and ever
increasing Asia Pacific footprint.
To learn more about ANZ’s Bank to Bank
Services, please contact your local ANZ
representative. For queries relating to
ANZ’s Eurogiro capabilities please contact
Jeanette Nunn.
Global Forum on Remittances 2013
The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and the World Bank have joined
forces to arrange the forthcoming Global Forum on Remittances 2013, which will be held on
15-17 January at the U.N. Conference Center in Bangkok, Thailand