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Eurogiro CEO Commentary
Eurogiro is hosting workshop on International Payments in Doha, Qatar
At the time of this latest issue of Eurogiro
News finding its way to you, an important con-
gress is taking place in Doha. The Universal
Postal Union is at this moment hosting its
25th Universal Postal Congress during which,
amongst other important agenda topics, the
member countries will elect a new Director
General and Deputy Director General. We
send our best wishes and luck to all the can-
didates, and say thank you to Mr Dayan for
the collaboration during his time on duty.
Eurogiro has been invited to attend the mee-
ting of Committee 6, Postal Payment Service,
and whilst being in Qatar we have taken the
opportunity to arrange a workshop for invited
postal organisations focusing on International
Payment Services. The workshop will be held
alongside the Congress and we will bring you
more input from this workshop in our next
issue and on our website.
Eurogiro is naturally constantly working on
expanding the reach of the network and
thereby serving the needs of our members.
We expect that the workshop in Doha will
support these efforts.
A view of the post office of the future at the APPC Postal
Financial Services course
Asia Pacific Postal Delegates treated to an innovative slate of course topics
This year’s agenda at the APPC Postal Finan-
cial Services course provided expert speakers
on the new landscape of innovative payment
products in the Asia Pacific region, building the
postal brand and good marketing practices for
financial services, and the elements of a suc-
cessful KYC/AML program.
Representatives from ten postal organisations
across the Asia Pacific region attended this
two-week APPC course, which was sponsored
by Korea Post, Deutsche Bank, Master Card
and Eurogiro.
The Director of the APPU bureau, Mr Somchai
Repoanichkul, in his welcoming remarks set
the stage of the learning goals. “Posts are in
the process of great change due to competi-
tion, deregulation and the emergence of sub-
stitute services. Postal financial services have
played a key role in social and economic life of
a majority of citizens in many countries of the
world.” Financial services and innovative pay-
ments are vital to the growth in the Asia Pacific
region, especially to create the positive impact
of financial inclusion for the high number of
unbanked and financially under-served people
in the region.
The importance of payments was illustrated by
McKinsey & Company; payment revenues rep-
resent about 25% of the world’s total banking
income. The Asia region is a high growth area
for payments, and expected to represent 40%
of global payment revenues by 2015.
The course also included a marketing work-
shop on how to build and grow the postal
brand and adopt good marketing practices
by Clear Corporation, a brand consultancy
firm. Clear gave a unique and very interactive
presentation that highlighted the value and
power of leveraging the post office brand and
distribution network in the financial services
Attendees also learned more about the
requirements of a strong AML/KYC program.
Somsiri Siyarngnork of AML Experts Co. Ltd
emphasized the importance of having a strong
Know Your Customer program for payments
through a discussion of various case studies
focused on money laundering violations at
financial organisations, and various country
sanction violations.
The APPC course closed with an engaging
SWOT analysis discussion, which demonstrat-
ed how postal organisations can move forward
to create the post office of the future and be a
key player in the payments arena.
Attendees of the 2012 APPC Postal Financial Services Course
Søren Rose,
CEO Eurogiro