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The payments market and Eurogiro have
changed dramatically since Poste Italiane
joined Eurogiro. What do you regard as the
greatest achievements of Eurogiro over time?
From my point of view the most important of
Eurogiro’s achievements are:
Large global reach with interconnection
between the most important postal
organisations, banks and payment
specialists in the five continents;
Constant pursuit of excellence in terms
of quality standards, cost efficiency and
Straight Through Processing;
Implementation of an automated fund
transfer system to replace the exchange
of paper-based money orders
The payments industry is developing rapidly
with increased competition from existing
and new providers. What would be the roles
and opportunities for, in particular, postal
organisations in this industry?
The postal operators have to adapt quickly
to the changes imposed by the market and to
identify strategic and commercial choices in
accordance with the time to market. Further-
more, considering that immigration is today a
structural phenomenon, postal organisations,
especially the European ones, could offer
a significant contribution to the process of
facilitating and accelerating financial inclu-
sion of immigrants.
Italy is among Europe’s largest sending
countries for workers’ remittances and Poste
Italiane has targeted itself towards gaining
a share of this business. What were the main
elements in your approach and how are the
results so far?
Immigration in Italy is an essential element
of the economic and social make-up of the
country. In January 2011 foreign people resi-
dent in Italy totalled nearly 5 million (Caritas
data). The chief factors of success in our
Interview with Mr Walter Pinci, member of the
Eurogiro A/S Board
Mr Pinci joined the Eurogiro Board in 2012. Mr Pinci is Head of Payments Services in BancoPosta
Division of Poste Italiane and brings strong personal payments expertise to the Board. In this
interview Mr Pinci expresses his views on the aspirations and challenges of Eurogiro
your global payments community September 2012 - Issue 03
Technical User Group
meeting 2012 in Milan
An unusual cooperation
pays off
Eurogiro welcomes
Millennium bcp
Members gain when
settling multiple
Walter Pinci, Head of Payments Services,
Banco Posta Division, Poste Italiane and
member of the Eurogiro Board