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8 Eurogiro News

Polish Post (Poczta Polska S.A.) launches marketing campaign in different media

In May and June 2011 Polish Post will launch an information campaign promoting Polish Post’s service for international money orders. The campaign ran in parallel with another important event which is this year’s Eurogiro Community Meeting held in Warsaw and hosted by Polish Post in collaboration with Eurogiro

The aim of the campaign is to increase the clients’ awareness of the availability of cheap, accessible, easy and secure sending of money abroad, with the shorter delivery time achieved by way of using the Eurogiro Network. This in turn should reflect a noticeable growth in the number of international money orders handled by the designated operator of Poland.

The most important corridors for the payments sending from Poland are currently: Czech Republic, Ukraine, France, Slovakia, Croatia, as well as the recently opened corridors of Germany and Vietnam. According to the operator’s expectations, this campaign should also result in other directions becoming more popular.

During the campaign the following measures would be undertaken:

> Allocating dedicated posters and leaflets for post offices

> Advertisement on the LCD screens in post offices

> Advertisement in the on-board maga- zine of Polish Airlines LOT; description of the service on LOT webpage > Advertisement and description of the service on the web portal of the Vietnamese minority in Poland (benviet. org). Polish Post also intends to make the campaign more visible for the majority of the Vietnamese people, which – in addition to Warsaw – are wholesale trade centres such as Nadarzyn and Wolka Kosowska > Distributing the materials to tourist agencies, bus operators and stations, to embassies and consulates, as well as

to chosen hotels and commercial centres [email protected]

> Banner on Polish Post’s website as well as on the corporate intranet site > Sending a reminder about the service and information about the campaign to all e-mail accounts of Polish Post em- ployees; attaching the banner to the footer of all e-mails sent by the workers of the unit dealing with financial services

All of these measures, focusing on marketing support, should result in more effective use being made of the potential of Polish Post in the field of cross-border payments and the remittance market. 3

Compliance departments have grown most in recent years

According to Rony Monnaie from bPost in Belgium, Eurogiro AML/ATF compliance offcer, this trend is likely to continue during the coming years. This is mainly because regulators are increasingly active in the feld, but also because banks have faced heavy fnes in some countries for their handling of the matter. He updated the participants on the latest development relating to prevention

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of money laundering and terrorist funding. He also shared information on how bPost had organized its defense. Eurogiro members could fnd advice on the matter on the Eurogiro website.

Money Orders in Europe

Eurogiro Operational Advisory Group provided guidance for its postal members in Europe on how to handle Money Orders under the PSD. Initial paper handling was allowed

an additional processing day, whilst the electronic element between fnancial organisations would fall under the D+1 timeframe, coming into force from January 2012. Eurogiro also announced a multilateral improvement of query handling time frames from July 2012. 3

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Page 8 - Eurogiro News May2011_web version

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