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Bulgarian Posts PLC make signifcant investment in an information platform for domestic and international money transfers

Recently Bulgarian Posts PLC started real time processing from all post offces

In April 2011, the new information platform, through which the international money transfers are processed in the Eurogiro system in real time, was launched suc-cessfully in all post offices. This method of processing the money transfers is faster than the traditional method, which involves sending money via the postal operator, and is therefore preferred by the clients of Bulgarian Posts PLC.

Thanks to this method, the quality of client service has significantly improved, which was one of the main aims. Mar-ket research has identified an increased interest in the service and greater levels of satisfaction as a result of the improved quality.

The main competitive advantage is the network of almost 3000 post offices throughout the whole country which guarantees that Bulgarian citizens in every town and village can be reached. The company is constantly expanding its corporate portfolio with new services and

activities which help Bulgarian Posts PLC meet increasing customers’ expectations and enter new market niches.

Financial services have had a very impor-tant place in the corporate portfolio since the establishment of the company.

The traditions in international money transfers date back several decades. Nowadays, financial services are among the most profitable business segments of Bulgarian Posts PLC, which is a leader in the domestic cash money transfers with a market share of 96%.

During the past year the company made significant investment in a new information platform for domestic and international money transfers, based on modern ICT. The aim is to make the international money transfers, especially the ones through the Eurogiro system, more popu-lar in the domestic market.

Developing the international money trans-fers service, along with introducing new types of financial services, is an essential part of the strategy of Bulgarian Posts PLC. In this respect, the company plans to introduce the Eurogiro Cash Interna-tional ® service in the near future, and also aims to establish a partnership with all members of the Eurogiro community for the development of a successful and mutually beneficial business. 3

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Bulgarian Posts PLC

A modern, fast-developing and proftable company with history and traditions that date back to 1879, is the main postal operator on the Bulgarian market and has a leading position in a highly competitive market. Bulgarian Posts PLC, which joined the Eurogiro community for international money transfers in 2007, is currently offering cash transfers to its clients.

Eurogiro Cash International ®

> A fexible solution for workers’ remittances with fxed out payment quality, track & trace and optional SMS messaging

> ECIs are designed for cash out payment and can be initiated at counter or from any account or card. Receiver organisations cross sell a variety of fnancial services to best serve their clients

> An instrument for fnancial institu- tions to gain a position in an attractive market and to beneft from a cooperation of expert institutions

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Page 10 - Eurogiro News May2011_web version

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